Webinar: Choosing the Right Display for Your Application

Today’s users have high expectations and the choice of display affects more than just the screen - the size of the device, where its used, even its battery life (or lack thereof!). How do you choose the best display technology for your device for the customer?

Join Azumo's product manager, Greg Kuchuris, and CEO, Mike Casper, in helping you make the best choice for delivering an optimized experience to your end user by:

  • Examining the strengths and drawbacks of each of today’s most common display options
  • Analyzing 10 important display specifications to consider
Key Takeaways

  • Learn about five different display technologies, their pros and cons, and the ideal applications for each.

  • Understand 10 key display specifications that will affect your end user’s experience and why they matter.

  • Familiarize yourself with Ambient Contrast Ratio (ACR), a specification that is becoming increasingly important as displays are being used in a wider variety of environments.


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